Maple Ridge Elementary 2nd Term Conferences/Walking Report Cards

Submitted by sara.matis on Tue, 11/14/2023 - 10:52
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We are so excited to meet with you to talk about or show your student's progress for second term as well as make goals for continued improvement and success.  Please select from the available times or contact your child's teacher via email to schedule during a different time.  For walking report cards, please have your student attend as they will be demonstrating their grade level skills.  For regular conferences, please make the best decision for your family regarding whether or not your student should be present.


Mrs. Cheever

Mrs. Hales

Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Richardson

Mrs. Green

First Grade

Mrs. Ferrin

Ms. Hardy

Mr. Lee

Ms. Stokes

Ms. Wilde

Mrs. Williams

Second Grade

Mrs. Berbert

Mrs. Connors

Ms. Harward

Mrs. Jackson

Ms. Jordan

Mrs. Southam

Ms. Spencer

Third Grade

Ms. Crandall

Mrs. Olson

Mrs. Porter

Mrs. Rasmussen

Mrs. Seoane

Fourth Grade

Mr. Bates

Mrs. Mathews

Mrs. Olson

Mrs. Sanders

Mrs. Schellenberg

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Kruse

Mrs. Mammen

Mrs. Steen

Mrs. Jensen

All classroom teachers