March 2022

5th Grade Wax Museum

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Our fifth graders recently held their annual Wax Museum. Students worked hard researching and learning about a famous person and writing about them. They memorized information that they learned about the person that they researched. Parents and Maple Ridge students in other grades were able to walk through the classrooms and listen to the presentations and see their costumes. All the students did an amazing job and we are proud of them for all their hard work!

Second Grade Social Studies

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During Social Studies last week, Ms. Spencer’s second grade class, learned all about financial literacy. They also learned about how the economy meets human needs through the interaction of producers and consumers. Students then became both the producer and consumer. First, they made products of their own choosing. They created items such as: paintings, bookmarks, bracelets, origami, etc. Next, they were given a chance to "shop" at their classmates different "stores.” It's exciting to see them so engaged in their learning!

Crystal Spencer

Mr. Swenson Recognized as Classified Employee of the Year

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Maple Ridge custodian, Mr. David Swenson, was recently recognized at the Nebo School District board meeting for being a Classified Employee of the Year for custodians. Mrs. Matis said this about Mr. Swenson, "David words so hard to keep our school clean, so clean that we could eat off of the floor. It's true. He is meticulous and dedicated to the cleanliness and organization of Maple Ridge. Many are surprised that our school is seven years old. David is the energizer bunny and is always working.

3rd Term Parent-Teacher Conferences/Walking Report Cards

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We are so excited to meet with each of our Maple Ridge families to celebrate progress and make goals for 4th term!  Please sign up on the provided link for an appointment with your child's teacher.  If you are unable to meet during the times provided, please email your student's teacher in order to set up an alternate appointment.



Read Across America Day

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First graders in Mrs. Williams' class celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America Day by having a read-a-thon. They were able to bring snacks and read Dr. Seuss books outside. They also watched the Lorax and got to do various activities with rhyming and nonsense words.

Kelli Williams

The Power of Our Words

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Mrs. Olson's fourth grade students had a great character lesson about the power of our words. When we say unkind things, we can never fully take back our words just like we can't ever put toothpaste back in the tube after it is squeezed out. They talked about how they wanted to be remembered and what kind of example they can set just by choosing to always say kind things. 

Jane Olson