Lyndsie Jordan--Teacher of the Year

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Lyndsie Jordan
Lyndsie and a friend who also won teacher of the year.
Lyndsie posing with Dave Rowe, a school board member, and the superintendent.
A picture of Lyndsie's Teacher of the Year plaque.

Congratulations to Lyndsie Jordan who is Maple Ridge Teacher of the Year this year! Lyndsie’s teaching philosophy is the belief that every child should enter school feeling valued, supported, and loved. She believes that each student possesses the potential to learn and develop.

A parent said, “I have been impressed by Ms. Jordan’s exceptional dedication and commitment to fostering a positive and enriching learning environment. She creates a warm and inclusive classroom where every child feels heard and appreciated.”

We couldn’t have said it better! Ms. Jordan is DELIGHTFUL! She is positive, committed, hard-working and well-loved by the Maple Ridge faculty & staff as well as her students & their parents. We love Ms. Jordan and we are grateful to have her at Maple Ridge!