First Grade Field Trip to Gordo's Farm

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Students going through the corn maze.
Students looking at the animals.
Students listening to a presentation.
Students at Gordo's Farm.
Students going down the slide.
A class picture at the farm.
Students riding the bus to Gordo's.
A class picture at the farm.
A class picture at the farm.
Students at the farm.
Students listening to a presentation at the farm.
Students petting one of the animals.
Picture of all the first grade teachers at the farm.
Teachers faces as the skeleton heads.
Teachers going down the slide.

Our Maple Ridge first graders went on a field trip to Gordo's Farm. They learned how pumpkins are grown, explored a corn maze, interacted with different farm animals, took a train ride and had fun playing together! The teachers even had some fun too!



Morgan Stokes, Kaeli Wilde, Kelli Williams