In Honor of Nate Carr

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Picture of Nate Carr and his wife Stephanie Carr

Maple Ridge is hosting a food drive for the Nebo Food Bank in honor of Nate Carr.  Nate was always doing kind acts of service and we want to honor him by serving the students in Nebo School District.  We will be collecting food from Sept. 28-Oct. 6.  The food bank needs food that is easy to prepare as many students make their meals without adult help.  Granola bars, Microwavable meals, Mac and Cheese, cereal- anything that is not perishable would be welcome. Please bring the food to the office and we will collect it from there.

We are honored to be able to do something to help students in need in our school district and remember a man that tirelessly served others.

Do Something Great! Nate the Great!



DeAnn Sanders