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November 2020

Maple Ridge P.R.I.D.E.

Submitted by becky.manning on Sun, 11/15/2020 - 13:40
An'Jalee Burningham

On the first Friday of every month, the school counselor teaches a school-wide lesson focused on an attribute associated with our Maple Ridge P.R.I.D.E. acronym. PRIDE stands for perseverance, respect, initiative, determination, and engaged. For November, the attribute we are focusing on is respect. The students were taught about civility and showing respect to all.

Veterans Day

Submitted by becky.manning on Wed, 11/11/2020 - 21:18
Bethany Brown

Students in Mrs. Brown's and Mrs. Calderon's second grade class learned about people in their family who were or are veterans and presented what they learned to the class today. We are grateful for those who served and those who currently serve and protect our country! 

National School Psychology Week 2020

Submitted by becky.manning on Wed, 11/11/2020 - 19:56
Lana Hiskey & Wendy Simmons

Nebo celebrates all our school psychologists, and all they do for Nebo students.

During the week of November 9-13, 2020, schools throughout the United States will celebrate National School Psychology Week to highlight the important work school psychologists and other educators do to help all students thrive.

This year’s theme is “The Power of Possibility.” The word “possibility” implies hope, growth, resilience and renewal. Possibility suggests that even something as small as a seed can grow into something magnificent. The word “power” implies that things can and will happen. When we focus on what is possible, we have hope that students will grow, thrive and bloom.

Thank you Nebo psychologists for all you do for our students.

Our Maple Ridge school psychologist is Chelsea Cavanaugh. Ms. Cavanaugh works hard to help our students and teacher and we appreciate all she does! Click through the pictures to learn a little more about her!

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October Students of the Month

Submitted by becky.manning on Mon, 11/09/2020 - 17:09

Congratulations to our Maple Ridge students of the month for October. These students were recognized for demonstrating perseverance. We are proud of them! (Not pictured: Sawyer Ott, Axel Idle, and Briar Nolte)

Download Nebo’s Infinite Campus Mobile App

Submitted by becky.manning on Wed, 11/04/2020 - 16:17
Lana Hiskey

The Infinite Campus App is the most effective tool for parents, students, and other community members to stay engaged and stay connected to critical school-related information anywhere and anytime from a mobile device.

The easy-to-use design app allows you to see what is happening in the classroom so you can understand, monitor, and participate in the educational process.

Campus Student and Campus Parent are designed to provide real-time access to student information.

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