Kindy 500

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On Friday, March 24th, Kindergarten students at Maple Ridge donned their homemade race cars for the Kindy 500. The students learned about different places around the country while having fun at the same time. Many were impressed with how elaborate the costumes were.

Microbe Mania

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As part of their study of the PROTIST kingdom, sixth grade students recently created 3D models of amoebas, paramecium and euglena.

Guess How Many Milk Jugs Contest


Did you know that our amazing librarian recently built an igloo out of milk jugs?  Miss Stacey, the librarian, issued a challenge for students to guess how many milk jugs were used in the construction of the igloo.  Those with the closest guesses were recognized.

Cecil Store

Students at Maple Ridge who earned Cecil Bucks, recently were able to use them at the Cecil Store for prizes and treats.  Cecil Bucks are awarded to students with good behavior.