November 2017

Veterans Day Assembly

Students at Maple Ridge were honored to hear from several veterans, and learn about the history of the Star Spangled Banner on Monday, November 13th.  Several of the veterans are relatives of the faculty and/or students of Maple Ridge.

Halloween at Maple Ridge

On Tuesday, October 31st, students continued witht the Red Ribbon Week activities, and Halloween, by having a school-wide parade through the school in their costumes.  The theme for Red Ribbon Week was "HOCUS POCUS, don't let DRUGS BE THE FOCUS.  Drugs are SCARY!" Students were encouraged to wear their costumes.    Throughout the day, most classrooms celebrated Halloween with parties and Halloween related activities.  Teachers throughout the school chose to wear costumes based on Mario, Trolls, and yes, even CACTI!  



It is a fun Maple Ridge tradition to send 'Ghost-O-Grams' to other students in the school.  The student council sold Ghost-O-Grams in the morning over the course of three days before Halloween.  The Ghost-O-Grams were delivered to other students in the school with a little treat attached.