May 2017

Animal Exhibit in Second Grade

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Recently, second graders showcased their learning of animals with their Animal Exhibit.  Each student did a report and visual display on an animal they learned about.  Classes from around the school walked through the classrooms while the second graders talked about what they learned.

Mathletes Recognized

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Last week, mathletes were recognized for their hard work and dedication to the Mathletes program.  Thoughout the year, Mrs. Jordan met with athletes once a week.   During this time, students were required to solve challenging math problems.  Way to go Maple Ridge Mathletes!

Super Second Grader Award


Congratulations to all those who earned the "Super Second Grader Award"!!  These students have been working hard all year trying to earn this award.  Some of the things they've had to do are: complete a book report each month, read 2,500 minutes for the year, participate in "Reflections", have excellent attendance, have 90% or better on spelling tests.  The list goes!  Way to go Super 2nd Graders! 

Students Exemplify Engaged Learners


Recently, students from each classroom were selected to show what it means to be an ENGAGED LEARNER.  Throughout the school year, students were chosen to represent each of the attributes that go along with Maple Ridge Pride.  PRIDE was the acronym chosen: P-Perserverance, R-Respect, I-Initiative, D-Determination and E-Engaged.  Great job to all of those who demonstrated these attributes on a daily basis.

Cecil's Fun in the Sun

Recently students voted on names for our traditional Field Day to avoid confusion with our Mapleton City Track Meets.  We are excited for our students to enjoy Cecil's Fun in the Sun Day this Wednesday and appreciate our PTA and volunteers for making this a great event!

Teach the Teacher


At the end of the school year, sixth grade students have the opportunity to 'Teach the Teacher' something of their choice.  Presentations range from showing how to care for a horse to how to make yummy desserts.  

Kindergarten Field Day

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On Thursday, May 18th, kindergarten students celebrated the end of the school year with a fun field day.  Bounce houses were set up in the library, and games were set up in classrooms in the school.  

Fifth Grade Track Meet

Students and teachers had to brave the rain and cold for the fifth grade track meet at Maple Mountain High School on Wednesday.  When students returned to school, they warmed up with some hot chocolate.

Sixth Grade Track Meet

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The weather was perfect for the sixth grade Mapleton Track meet on Tuesday, May 16th.  Many students placed in their respective events.  The boys relay team was first place.

Hope of America


After months and months of practice, Maple Ridge fifth graders performed at the "Hope of America" event at the McKay Event Center last week.  "Hope of America” is a highly effective musical program designed for school performances and/or classroom singing. Fourteen songs teach students about the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, how the government works, an appreciation for the military and other American heroes as well as promotes a greater love of country. These songs have been produced by national award winning musicians and composers and come with both vocal models for children to learn the lyrics and orchestral accompaniment tracks.