PTA Reflections

Submitted by becky.manning on Fri, 11/11/2022 - 13:43
Upper grade Reflections winners with their certificates and ribbons.
Upper grade Reflections participants.
Lower grade Reflections winners with their certificates and ribbons.
Lower grade Reflections participants.

Maple Ridge students recently had the opportunity to participate in the PTA Reflections contest. The theme this year was "Show Your Voice!" Students were able to submit original work in different artistic categories. This past week our PTA held an awards ceremony for the students who participated and for those who won awards. We are proud of all the students who participated! Here is a list of winners:

2D Art Awards of Excellence: Holland Hassan, Riley Peterson, Reese Peterson, Maren Lauridsen

2D Art Awards of Merit: Luke Haycock, McKinley Rothlisberger, Wallace Florence, Phoebe Machen

2D Art Honorable Mention: Piper Price and Grace Forsey

3D Art Award of Excellence: Makadie Ogden and David Higginson

Dance Award of Excellence: Kelly Trudeau, Victoria Carlson, Lincoln Olson

Film Awards of Excellence: Max Dimond and London Kennington

Literature Awards of Excellence: London Kennington and Lexie Smith

Literature Awards of Merit: Emery Marsh and Linden Baker

Music Awards of Excellence: Ellie Taylor, Eve Drumm, and Dorothy Harding

Photography Awards of Excellence: Grayson Mecham and Emmy Sonntag

Photography Awards of Merti: Collin Kennington and Kayla Phillips

Photography Honorable Mention: Benjamin Woodruff

(Winners/participants who are not pictured: Ellie Taylor, Benjamin Woodruff, Lexie Smith, Lily Soffe, and Kelly Trudeau)