Keyboarding Competition

Submitted by becky.manning on Mon, 04/24/2023 - 13:42
Our two keyboarding winners, holding their certificates, with Mrs. Sircable.
Students who participated in the keyboarding competition.

Several of our Maple Ridge 4th and 5th grade students recently participated in a keyboarding competition to show off their typing skills! Congratulations to Piper Price and Troy white for being the top keyboarding students at Maple Ridge.

Other students who participated were: Brielle Akina, Logan Miser, Austin Swenson, Tyce Miles, Brynn Powell, Addison Etherington, Emery Marsh, Margaret Martineau, Nicholas Youngquist, Abigail Puchta, Roxane Whyte, Nicholas Gibson, Riley Petersen, Blake Andrus, Giselle Carreno, Jackson Burr, Levi Langford, Malia Johnson, Kimball Ray, Naomi Nielson, Bentley Darling, Nate Oliver, Charlie Price, and Brantly Smith.

Colleen Sircable