BYU Dunk Team Assembly and Mrs. Lewis


On Wednesday, May 23rd, members with the BYU dunk team performed for the student body of Maple Ridge.  During the assembly, Mrs. Lewis, the reading specialist, was honored for her service as she will retire this year. Thanks Mrs. Lewis for all you have done to help the students and faculty of Maple  Ridge.  WE LOVE YOU!

Fifth Grade Hike


On Monday, May 21st, the fifth grade students completed a seven mile hike!  Prior to the hike, the students prepared themselves by walking several times a week during school.  Way to be tough fifth grade! 

Sixth Grade Goes to Provo Recreation Center

As part of the end-of-year festivities, the sixth grade went to the Provo Rec. Center.  Students enjoyed a variety of activities from swimming and water slides, to playing basketball and pickleball.  They also enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park afterward.

Mrs. Hall Recognized For Excellence


Mrs. Hall Received the Maple Ridge PTA Outstanding Educator award for 2018-2019. Mrs. Hall teaches first grade at Maple Ridge.  She is known for her dedication to teaching and spends countless hours ensuring that her students learn.  Mrs. Hall is also loved and respected by her colleagues who notice she almost always has a smile on her face, and is kind to all around her.  

Second Grade Students Learn About Animals

On Monday, May 21st, second  grade students displayed their animal projects. Students came from around the school, and learned about different animal habitats.

Sixth Graders Prepare for Junior High


Mrs. Shumway, the school counselor, is making rounds this week to all the sixth grade classes.  She is teaching the students what many feel is a tricky thing to figure out in junior to open a locker!  Students had the opportunity to practice on  several different locks with different lock combinations to learn how it works.