Mrs. Jenkins' 6th Grade


Mrs. Jenkins' sixth graders did a little engineering and collaborating with 20 spaghetti pieces, 1 marshmallow, tape and string, and 18 minutes. Whose marshmallow tower will be the tallest standing? #MRsmartkids #mapleridgepride

Zupas Night


Join us from 5-8 pm tonight for Maple Ridge PTA's Zupas Night.  Don't forget to let them know that you are with Maple Ridge in order to have our school benefit!

Halloween Parade--9:15 AM For All (PM Kinder Only 12:45 pm)

Come join us in the gym or front foyer for parading costume fun!  Our parade will begin at 9:15 am (ending with a special number by 4th grade) so students will need to come dressed in costumes ready to go.  Costume guidelines include:  no weapons or gory items, no messy face paint, and please follow dress guidelines.  Hats, wigs, and colored hair will be fine for costume purposes.  Students have been instructed to keep costume G-Rated.  We are looking forward to a fun Halloween event.