Medieval Day in Sixth Grade


On Thursday, April 12th, students in the sixth grade ended their unit of study of the Middles Ages, by having a day full of medieval activities.  These activities included donut jousting, goblet bedazzling, and launching marshmallows with popsicle stick catapults.  At the end of the day, students shared in a medieval feast consisting of chicken, bread, fruit and apple juice.

Mrs. Adamson is Utah PTA Outstanding Educator

Maple Ridge PTA would like to congratulate Mrs. Adamson, our UEI teacher for winning not only the Utah PTA Outstanding Teacher Award, for Region 10 (Nebo and Provo school districts), but winning the Utah PTA Outstanding Educator for the ENTIRE state of Utah (over 600 schools).   Mrs. Adamson has been a special education teacher in Nebo school district since 2005, with a specialty in severe/profound disabilities. Our PTA believes that she works miracles that influence our entire community. Thank you for your service to our students Mrs. A. You are amazing!!!

Reasons for the Seasons


Recently, sixth grade students learned about why we really have seasons.  Students were able to simulate where the earth is in relation to the sun, and compare light energy readings to see what happens at different times of the year in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Summer Fever Fundraiser - Lagoon Discounts


For the 2018 season, Lagoon will be introducing the “Summer Fever Fundraiser”. We are hoping to seize the excitement for summer by giving students and families a jump starts on Summer Fun at Lagoon. The Summer Fever Fundraiser will offer an exclusive discount to Utah School Families, and the Education Foundations will reap the benefits.

Kindi 500


On Friday, March 23rd, Kindergarten students at Maple Ridge donned their homemade race cars for the Kindi 500. The students learned about different places around the country while having fun at the same time. Many were impressed with how elaborate the costumes were.   The kindergarten students were able to show off their amazing works of art in a parade throughout the school.  Students in other grades, as well as parents, clapped and cheered as they passed by.

Fiesta Days Reading Challenge


On Wednesday, March 21st, representatives with the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo visited the students to issue them a reading challenge.  During the month of April, students will keep track of their reading minutes, and prizes will be awarded to the top readers in the school.  The winners will receive a pair of Wranglers, boots, a cowboy hat, and two tickets to the Fiesta Days Rodeo.  During the assembly, students learned about how a rodeo works, and about what the participants in the rodeo do.  Some teachers and students were even invited to participate in a mock barrel run.