Ballet West Visits Maple Ridge


Ballet West recently came to Maple Ridge and performed for the students.  Many students were chosen to come up and learn how to do various ballet moves, and found it more difficult than it looks!

3rd-6th Grade Conference Sign Ups

Upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences OR Walking Report Cards

We appreciate you making the effort to attend our conferences or walking report cards this week.  This is a great opportunity to discuss student progress and set goals for the upcoming term.  If you are unable to meet during the available times or need additional time than that allotted, please contact your child's teacher directly to schedule an alternate meeting date and time.  Thank you!

Kindergarten Walking Report Cards (Bring student to demonstrate)

Mrs. Olsen

First Grade Conferences





Second Grade Conferences


Faculty Wears Christmas BLING


Not only are the students excited for Christmas this year, but the faculty are as well.  Throughout the week of December 19-22, faculty members are celebrating by dressing up in their Christmas bling, or wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters.  Treats and lunches are also being provided to the faculty by the administration and several of the teachers.