Robyn Kerr Receives Crystal Apple Award

Recently, Robyn Kerr, a second grade teacher at Maple Ridge, was awarded the Crystal Apple Award at Maple Ridge. Craig Harvey from the Horace Mann Agency awarded Robyn Kerr with the Crystal Apple Award.  The Crystal Apple Award recognizes excellence in education by honoring those making a significant impact in the lives of children.  Robyn was recognized because of her dedication to  her students, and because of her professionalism in all aspects of her teaching.  She always has a smile on her face, and is willing to help others in any way she can. We love having Robyn here at Maple Ridge!

Fourth Grade Mapleton Track Meet

On May 2nd, fourth grade students participated in the Mapleton track meet at Maple Mountain High School.  Fortunately, the weather cooperated so parents and students could enjoy the day. Tenley Smithson got 2nd on long jump and 3rd on softball throw, Bryli Everett achieved 2nd place on the softball throw.

Living Planet Aquarium Visits Sixth Grade

Sixth graders at Maple Ridge learned about various ecosystems around the world on Thursday, April 27th.  Not only did they learn about ecosystems, but were able to interact with several different animals such as an African hedgehog, a python, a hissing cockroach, and an armadillo.  Students also played games to learn about how natural and unnatural causes can hurt various forms of wildlife.  Representatives from Loveland Living Planet Aquarium taught various concepts about wildlife through fun games involving the importance of bees, and the journey of the sea turtle.

Melanie Adamson -Outstanding Educator 2017-2018

Recently, the PTA recognized Melanie Adamson as Outstanding Educator for  Maple Ridge Elementary.  Mrs. Adamson works with the UEI students in the school.  She  does a great job with her group of students, and makes sure to give students throughout the school, the opportunity to come into her classroom, and help these students in whatever way they can.  Melanie has been credited with working behind the scenes to ensure the progress and development of her students.  Melanie is a pleasure to work with, and we feel fortunate to have her here at Maple Ridge!  Mrs. Manning was selected last year as the Outstanding Educator or the year for 2016-2017,and was also recognized  by the PTA.

Students Perform Treasure Island

On Thursday, April 20th, students from Maple Ridge performed an amazing adaptation of Treasure Island for the school.  Members of the cast come from all grade levels.  The play was directed by DeAnn Sanders, a fourth grade teacher here at Maple Ridge.  Stacey Hall, the librarian at the school, helped with costumes and props for the play.  

Buddy Reading


Several classes throughout the school have made arrangements to buddy read.  This program allows older, and more fluent students, to read with early readers.  Mrs. Andersen's sixth grade class and Mrs. Sandberg's class enjoy the opportunity to read together.  Mrs. Andersen's husband, also makes an occasional visit to read with students.

Sixth Grade Innovators

Recently, four Maple Ridge sixth grade students placed second at BYU at the K12 Student Innovator of the Year competition.  Logan Smith, Austin Willson, Joseph Heaton, and Lars Simpson came up with the idea for an app to provide notification of completion of various household appliance tasks.  For example, this notification system would text you when your load of laundry was finished drying. Way to innovate!