Fourth Grade STEM Challenge

Recently, the fourth grade students at Maple Ridge teamed-up to build the tallest tower out of spaghetti. Their goal was to attach a marshmallow to the top with out puncturing the marshmallow. This team built a tower of 18 and 3/8 inches. 

Hero Opening

Every school year, the school district focuses on a theme.  This year is 'Nebo Heroes,' and being the everyday hero.  Principal Matis always goes above and beyond in her interpretation of the theme, and came dressed as Wonder Woman when teachers first came back from their summer break.  Teachers look forward to this first day in anticipation of what she will wear and do.  Throughout the day, teachers participated in a variety of super hero like activities to get excited for the new school year.

Eclipse Fun!

On Monday, August 21st, teachers and faculty were able to take a few minutes out of their day, to watch the solar eclipse.  Although most of the faculty and staff were preparing for the openhouse that same afternoon, this did not prevent them from observing a marvel of nature.

PTA T-shirt orders DUE at 5:00 p.m. 8/23/17

Maple Ridge PTA is excited to have online registration and payment through VENMO for our memberships and shirts this year. The shirts are 6.00 each and will be navy blue with gold writing.  Follow our Maple Ridge PTA and Maple Ridge Elementary facebook pages for a special discount! If you pay using the VENMO app please include your students full name and shirt size in the notes.  If you would like the $1 discount for following us on facebook or instagram, please include your username in the notes. Also, we need YOU to join our PTA. The cost is 6.00 a person/ 12.00 a couple or 24.00 a family. We use these memberships to keep our programs running and they give us a voice on behalf of our kids on capital hill in Utah and Washington DC. PLEASE JOIN TODAY! 

  • With each membership you will receive free goodies from local businesses including: Culvers, Chick-Fil-A, California Pizza kitchen and many others.

Please make a note of each membership in the notes section so we can get you your freebies! If you are unable to register online no biggie! We will still have a booth at school on August 1st with all of our shirts and registration goodies; as well as one more opportunity to get shirts and pick up preorder shirts during Open House on the 21st. We look forward to seeing you. We appreciate your contributions to our PTA!

Online Registration

Click the Registration link on the left to guide you through all the steps that need to be completed:

  • Verifying & inputting information into Aspire
  • Paying fees or making donations as applicable (This will be available on FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017.  If you register before then, please come back and visit this link on Friday!)
  • Applying for Free/Reduced Lunch

This link will be live from now until July 31st. If you complete all the steps on the online registration you will not need to come in to the school on August 1 for our Walk-In Registration. Teacher assignments will be made available to you through SIS for those that have completed online registration. 

Walk-in Registration will be held August 1st from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  This will still, however, be online.

This registration is only for those who:

  • Did not complete the online registration and need to use a school computer.
  • Are first time Maple Ridge students who are required to bring documentation to the school.
  • Are returning students with changes to custody, medical or residency status. (Please bring documentation.)

“Open House” will be held on August 21st from for all parents and their students. 

At that time you will find the following:

  • Individual classroom information
  • PTA signups
  • T-shirt orders
  • School Community Council Elections
  • Volunteer signups

Animal Exhibit in Second Grade

Recently, second graders showcased their learning of animals with their Animal Exhibit.  Each student did a report and visual display on an animal they learned about.  Classes from around the school walked through the classrooms while the second graders talked about what they learned.