N.O.V.A Fun


On Friday, December 15th, Officer McCoy had fun with the sixth graders and showed them the vehicle he uses when on the job as a police officer.  Since the beginning of the school year, Officer McCoy has come every week to talk to the students about the importance of maintaining positive values in life.  

Planet Project Presentation


Sixth grade students presented their montly projects on Friday, December 1st.  At the beginning of November, students were given the assignment of researching a planet, or any celestial object having to do with the solar syster, and creating a physical display to go with it.  This project was assigned to help reinforce sixth grade core science concepts.

BYU Women's Basketball Game


On Tuesday, November 21st, upper-grade students had the opportunity to travel by bus (fancy buses at that!) to BYU, to watch the women's basketball team play against Weber State.  Students had fun watching themselves on the jumbotron, dancing to the music, cheering on their team of choice and eating lots of fun snacks.  The highlight of the field trip was watching Mrs. Sandberg's third grade class do the chicken dance on the court.  Mrs. Sandberg was even fortunate enough to get some extra special attention from Cosmo the Cougar.

Turkey 'Gobble Off'

The day before the Thanksgiving break, students from all grade level participated in the annual Gobble Off.  One representative from each class was chosen, and then performed their 'gobble' for the rest of the school over the intercom.  Every class voted on their favorites.  The winners were:  Reed Ryskamp, Spencer Smith, and Brayden  Cardon.

Becky Manning Receives Crystal Apple Award


Becky Manning, our facilitator at Maple Ridge, recently was awarded the Crystal Apple Award from Horace Mann.  Craig Harvey from the Horace Mann Agency awarded Becky Manning with the Crystal Apple Award.  The Crystal Apple Award recognizes excellence in education by honoring those making a significant impact in the lives of children.  Becky was recognized because of her dedication to helping her fellow teachers, and because of her professionalism in all aspects of her teaching.  Becky is always very positive with any challenge she has, even when it takes her outside of her comfort zone.  She is organized, and always willing to help teachers in any way she can.  WE LOVE BECKY!