Teachers Pampered with Teacher Appreciation Week

During the week of April 17th-21st, teachers at Maple Ridge were pampered by both PTA and students.  On Monday morning, teachers came into the school, and were overwhelmed with the elaborately decorated doors, and a delicious breakfast of crepes.  Throughout the week, teachers were given notes from their students and provided another delicious meal by the PTA.  Thanks to all of the PTA for their hard work to make the teachers feel important!

Kindness Week at Maple Ridge


Before Spring Break, students at Maple Ridge Elementary had the opportunity to participate in Kindness Week.  Kindness Week was sponsored by the student council.  Every day throughout the week, students focused on one way they could show kindness to others.  If students wanted to sign a pledge to be kind, they received a kindness button.

Kindy 500

On Friday, March 24th, Kindergarten students at Maple Ridge donned their homemade race cars for the Kindy 500. The students learned about different places around the country while having fun at the same time. Many were impressed with how elaborate the costumes were.

Microbe Mania

Guess How Many Milk Jugs Contest


Did you know that our amazing librarian recently built an igloo out of milk jugs?  Miss Stacey, the librarian, issued a challenge for students to guess how many milk jugs were used in the construction of the igloo.  Those with the closest guesses were recognized.

Clark Planetarium Visits Sixth Grade

Recently, representatives with Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City visited Maple Ridge to teach students about science concepts.  Students were able to learn more about why we have seasons, and why the earth is actually colder when we are closer to the sun.  Students were also able to hold a real meteorite.