Halloween at Maple Ridge

On Tuesday, October 31st, students continued witht the Red Ribbon Week activities, and Halloween, by having a school-wide parade through the school in their costumes.  The theme for Red Ribbon Week was "HOCUS POCUS, don't let DRUGS BE THE FOCUS.  Drugs are SCARY!" Students were encouraged to wear their costumes.    Throughout the day, most classrooms celebrated Halloween with parties and Halloween related activities.  Teachers throughout the school chose to wear costumes based on Mario, Trolls, and yes, even CACTI!  



It is a fun Maple Ridge tradition to send 'Ghost-O-Grams' to other students in the school.  The student council sold Ghost-O-Grams in the morning over the course of three days before Halloween.  The Ghost-O-Grams were delivered to other students in the school with a little treat attached.

Steve James visits Maple Ridge


Steve James performed for Maple Ridge Students as part of the kickoff to Red Ribbon Week.  Steve James has been positively affecting the lives of children and families through his effective and entertaining school assembly programs for many years. Steve’s original music and interactive elementary school assemblies help build character, instill self-esteem, encourage good citizenship and service to the community, promote tolerance and understanding, and a whole lot more.

Art Integration at Maple Ridge

Teachers throughout Nebo School District learn how to integrate the arts through training.  Mr. Bates' Class got to experience and entertain the art specialist from Nebo School District and reinforce their knowledge about fossils. It was educational and extremely  engaging all wrapped-up into one lesson. Which fossil do you think looks the scariest?

Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center


Recently, sixth grade students from Maple Ridge attended the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center in Pleasant Grove where they learned about core curriculum concepts related to space.  They also participated in a flight simulation where they had to work together to achieve a goal.