Art Integration at Maple Ridge

Teachers throughout Nebo School District learn how to integrate the arts through training.  Mr. Bates' Class got to experience and entertain the art specialist from Nebo School District and reinforce their knowledge about fossils. It was educational and extremely  engaging all wrapped-up into one lesson. Which fossil do you think looks the scariest?

Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center


Recently, sixth grade students from Maple Ridge attended the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center in Pleasant Grove where they learned about core curriculum concepts related to space.  They also participated in a flight simulation where they had to work together to achieve a goal.

Red Ribbon Week 10/30- 11/3

Maple Ridge will honor Red Ribbon Week next week, October 30th through November 3rd.  Each day will be centered around a theme to help students remember to stay drug free.

Personification with Pumpkins

Mr. Bates Fourth Grade class displayed their creativity by personifying their pumpkins and listening to Halloween music last Tuesday, all thanks to Harward Farms donating a pumpkin to each Maple Ridge student!

Kindness Month at Maple Ridge

Starting at the beginning of October, and extending through the entire month of October, Maple Ridge Students will be looking for opportunities to show kindness.  Kindness Month began with student council members visiting the classrooms to introduce the theme, and talk about how to show random acts of kindness.  Each classroom decorated a poster, and students signed a petition to show kindness to others.  Mrs. Jenkins' sixth grade class showed kindness by going to the other sixth grade classrooms and cleaning off their desks!

Fourth Grade Visits Museum of Natural History

On Thursday, October 5th, the fourth grade class was able to see what it may have been like to be a viking at the Utah Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake City.  They were also able to see ancient artifacts to reinforce what they are learning about in social studies this year.