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Maple Ridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Submitted by monica.bair on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 07:22
By Lana Hiskey

Maple Ridge held its ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, August 18, 10:00 a.m. Principal Sara Matis welcomed future students, parents, Mapleton City officials, state representatives, Nebo School District personnel, and school employees.

“We would like our school to create a tradition of excellence, to be a place where all students can be successful, safe, accepted and welcome,” said Principal Matis. “Our PTA has been wonderful. We appreciate your support in helping Maple Ridge begin a wonderful tradition of excellence.”
The Boy Scouts of America troop #1494 conducted the American flag ceremony in respectable fashion demonstrating their patriotism. 

Superintendent Rick Nielsen introduced honored guests including Kevin Madson Architecture, Westland Construction, engineers, and others that made this school possible. He welcomed past superintendents, past school board members, Mapleton City, honored guests, as well as Representative Francis Gibson who donated the American Flag to Maple Ridge Elementary that flew over the State Capitol Building.

“We have outstanding faculty here at Maple Ridge. We’ve brought some of our best and finest here to this school to bless and benefit young people. Because in the end, we are here because of students,” Superintendent Nielsen said. “We are here to build future citizens and strong community members. We know how to build beautiful buildings, and this is one of them. But it is the students who are the spirit and the soul of school. When the students walk through the doors, that’s when the building comes to life.”

The student choir captured the audience attention singing enthusiastically, “What’s More American” and “Utah This is the Place” directed by DeAnn Sanders.
Kristen Betts, the Nebo School Board President  representing Springville, spoke to the crowd about this memorable event. 

“Thank you so much to the Webelos Troop #1494 for the flag ceremony. Thank you to the children who participated in the choir. Today is a day of anticipation. As I ran errands this morning, I was so excited to see the seventh-graders as they attended their first day of classes at Mapleton Junior High. Later as I worked in my kitchen with the windows open, I could hear the Springville High marching band as they practiced for their season, said Ms. Betts. “Right now I can't look at any social media site without seeing pictures of high school football players. Schools, such as Maple Ridge, provide a way for communities to come together. We have the opportunity for the communities of Spanish Fork and Mapleton to be together in this beautiful school. I am confident, that under the direction of Ms. Matis and her faculty and staff, Maple Ridge will foster friendships and community building. Thank you for a being a part of the Maple Ridge Community! Let's have a great school year!”

School Board President, Kristin Betts, and Principal Matis directed the official ribbon cutting that included the Maple Ridge students and Nebo School Board of Education. 
Parents and students were then welcomed into the Maple Ridge Elementary. The school is located at 2340 West Harvest Parkway in Mapleton. It sits on a 12 acre site with 86,000 square feet of floor space with 31 classrooms, 2 computer labs, a hardwood gymnasium, 7 acres play field, a preschool unit, a Utah Education Integration (UEI) unit for handicapped students, and a media center.

Nebo School District welcomes all 550 students to the new Maple Ridge Elementary School, under the direction of Principal Sara Matis, with its amazing teachers and staff.