November 2016

Turkey Trot


On Tuesday, November 22, students at Maple Ridge had the opportunity to participate in the annual Turkey during their recess time.  For every lap completed, students were given a raffle ticket.  At the end of the day, several tickets were drawn, and prizes were given to those students with the matching ticket.

Annual Turkey Gobble Off

The second annual Turkey Gobble Off took place at Maple Ridge on Monday, November 21st.  A representative from each classroom was chosen to share their best 'Gobble' for the rest of the school.  Classes voted on their favorites and three winners were chosen.  Spencer Smith, Brody LIvingston, and Kale Langford were the final three.  Kale Langford won top honors for his gobble as he received first place.

Student Promotes Kindness


Emily Bolton, a fifth grader at Maple Ridge, was discouraged last week when she saw how upset and sometimes angry people were with one another after the election.  She decided she wanted to do something about this.  She decided to make some bracelets to represent kindness and friendship, and handed them out to other students and faculty around the school.  Thanks Emily for helping make the world a better place!

Veterans Day Assembly

On Friday, November 11th, students and faculty were privileged to have veterans come to the school for a Veterans Day assembly.  During the assembly a brief video was shown of the impact that military servicemen have had throughout the world. Throughout the day various classes discussed the importance of veterans and how we enjoy the freedoms we have because of their service.  We are indebted to our veterans!

Every Student Votes!


Several classes in the upper grades participated in a mock election several days before the actual election.  Studies weekly, an online program, gave students the opportunity to research various candidates and what each candidate believes.  

Red Ribbon Week


Throughout the week of October 31st-November 4, students at Maple Ridge participated in a variety of activities to celebrate Red Ribbon Week.  On Monday, students wore their costumes.  On Tuesday, students discussed ways to be a better friend.  On Wednesday, students wore pajamas with the theme of "There's No Resting Here" Make healthy choices.  Students were asked to also make a healthy choice by donating their Halloween candy.  On Thursday, students participated in an assembly where each class shared their class cheer about saying "Boo to Bad Habits."  

Halloween Fun!

On Monday, October 31st, students kicked off Red Ribbon Week, and Halloween, by having a school-wide parade through the school in their costumes.  The theme for Red Ribbon Week was to "Say BOO to BAD HABITS."  Throughout the day, most classrooms celebrated Halloween with parties and Halloween related activities.