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Teacher Appreciation Week

Grace Larson dons a wig to more resemble her teacher Mrs. Bair
Mac Hillman dresses like what his teacher will look like in the years to come.
Thanks to our professional masseuses for helping the teachers to relax!

Throughout the week of April 16th-20th, the Maple Ridge PTA will sponsor a Teacher Appreciation Week.  Each day teachers will be shown by parents, and students alike, just how much they are loved and appreciated.  So far this week, teachers have enjoyed a drink from Fizz, a massage, cake pops, decorated doors, and special notes and gifts from the students.  On Tuesday, many students even took the time to dress like some of the teachers, and the teachers were able to dress like some of the students.  The teachers and faculty are very appreciative of all the PTA is doing to make them feel special!

Students Learn About Integrity


Mrs. Shumway, our school counselor, recently talked to all of the grade levels about the meaning of Integrity.  This will be the trait of focus through the month of April.  During their discussion, students compiled a list of words that would help them remember the meaning of INTEGRITY.

Scale Models in Math

Recently, students in Mrs. Bair's sixth grade math class have been reviewing proportions and ratios.  As a part of this unit of study, students were able to research a famous building, and make a scale model of it.  Students enjoyed being able to find a scale factor that would work for them, and find the materials to do it.